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Copper Harbor has undergone extensive facility upgrades and improvements, culminating in the issuing of H2/H7 and H3/H7 occupancy permits.  The resulting Davis Street chemical production facility has enabled us to accommodate an impressive diversity of products, customers and wholesale chemicals.  
Facility Occupancy

Facility Highlights

  • Segregated H2/H7, H3/H7 and S2 occupancy areas

  • Sprinkler density of 0.60/3000 GPM in all areas
  • Explosion proof lighting and electrical systems
  • Seven inch containment diking for all areas
  • One-hour fire rated emergency tunnel and doors
  • Contained tanker unloading area
  • Rolling fire doors with fusible-link automatic closures and sprinkler system flow detector
  • Diesel-driven generator back-up emergency electrical system
  • Air intake mechanical ventilation in all areas
  • 24-hour monitored sprinkler and fire system
  • Explosion proof HEPA air filter equipped whiteroom
  • Explosion proof chemical packaging equipment in H2/H7 operational areas
  • All operational and storage areas compliant under 2001 Uniform Fire Code